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On Shore Talent Solutions

Anblicks’ Talent Solutions services provides a flexible business model that gives you access to talented resources focused on specific business applications. It also allows you to increase the talent level in your organization by both increasing the skill level of your existing team members and supplementing your team with Anblicks trained resources. This model gives you the ultimate in flexibility, cost control and talent development that lets you be in control.

True expertise requires focus. That’s why we limit our Talent Solutions service to three specific applications: 1) Mulesoft, 2) Appian and 3) Salesforce. We have found over the years that these applications provide significant enhancement of your business. Companies that use these applications know that they are excellent solutions and provide a strong foundation for improving their business.

Key Features of Anblicks’ Talent Solutions Service:

  • We supplement your team with our highly trained resources.
  • Each team member is focused on only one of our key applications.
  • Resources are based out of Anblicks’ headquarters in Dallas, Texas.
  • All team members have completed Anblicks’ extensive training program for their specialty area.
  • Affordable: On shore talent at near off shore pricing.
Your mission is providing solutions to your customers. Ours mission is building your talent resource base so you can excel at your mission.

Our Talent Solutions service helps organizations manage rapidly changing resource and skill needs by providing talent to meet aggressive timelines at reduced cost.


  • Faster talent onboarding
  • Resources are trained specifically for your environment
  • Cost effective with less risk
  • Resources are chosen for technical and behavioral fit
  • Flexible talent solution that is quick to adapt
  • Option to retain talent without a placement fee


Talent Solutions provides a comprehensive approach to talent. We ensure resources are right for your organization based on technology, industry, and behavioral fit.

  • Reduce the cost and time to hire & train
  • Create a sustainable and flexible talent pool
  • Complete projects on time
  • Enhance skill mix
  • Retain the talent you want