Implementation Services

Delivering Innovative Solutions & Services

Is it time for a change in your business? The all new lightning powered Salesforce Implementation tools may be the driver you’ve been looking for.

There’s no question that that Salesforce accelerates workforce productivity and enhances customer collaboration & satisfaction. Anblicks can help you experience power and flexibility that Salesforce brings to the enterprise. Salesforce frees you to grow your business by focusing on converting opportunities rather than managing system processes.

salesforce implementation Let Anblicks’ team of experienced consultants and implementation engineers walk you through the Salesforce landscape. We will eliminate complexities, remove roadblocks, reduce cost, minimize risk, and do it all in a cost-effective way to leave you with affordable and streamlined business processes that positively impact margin quickly.


Collaborative Discovery and Project Envisioning
Our certified onshore or offshore Salesforce consultants will work with you hand in hand to understand and evaluate your existing systems and practices. Only then will we recommend an implementation strategy that’s best for your business.

Sales Cloud
Anblicks empowers your investment in CRM technology to accelerate and streamline all phases of lead management to get more leads, make insightful decisions, improve your team’s productivity and ultimately help you close more deals by ensuring you deliver an amazing experience for your customers and your workers

Service Cloud
Anblicks helps you in transforming customer service in the cloud, improving worker experience, manage knowledge-centered support by bringing together our strategic know-how, innovative capabilities and ability to tie it all together on a Salesforce Service Cloud platform. We believe in this digital age customer experience is the ultimate competitive factor.

Health Cloud
Anblicks believes that delivering holistic and real-time view of each patient’s health, giving healthcare providers the information they need to provide care that improves outcomes for patients and populations. Health Cloud is a robust system that augments Salesforce and includes an EMR data structure so you can feed data from your clinical systems into By integrating clinical data your health care providers have a full view of patient data and the ability to tracking and monitor patients within a facility or from the patient’s home. Health Cloud allows you to build a robust patient engagement platform customized to your patient and business needs. Coupled with the Salesforce IoT Cloud and integrated device data, you can quickly step to the next level of patient engagement.

Our strategic Salesforce Health Cloud implementation will empower you to easily manage your full patient populations, personalize every interaction and drive better outcomes by going beyond health records and build meaningful relationships with patients.

Legacy Data Migration to Salesforce
A key element of this transition is migrating legacy data into Salesforce. Based on your specific needs and requirements, we design unique solutions for cost-effective enterprise-grade migration within your time and budget limitations. This service includes data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization, validation and import into Salesforce.

Salesforce Support, Training & Documentation
Our certified consultants are well-equipped to provide the very critical ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement support services for Salesforce. We can also assist with your training and documentation related specific needs. Click here to learn more about our affordable and reliable Salesforce support services.