App Development

Delivering Innovative Solutions & Services is an unparalleled cloud computing platform thanks to its power-packed, nimble, highly scalable and extremely secure architecture. It also offers seamless integration with numerous other technologies vastly improving both implementation and operations.

Our team can help you implement the best parts of your legacy system in the platform. With a highly skilled and dedicated team with expertise and multi-domain development experience, we can help you drive substantial reductions in time-to-market and development & support costs. Our proven methodologies drive focused requirements discovery and accelerated delivery timelines.


Collaborative Discovery and Project Envisioning
Our certified Salesforce consultants will work with you to develop a product feature set and develop them into real world use cases. Detailed requirements analysis and feasibility studies will assist you in taking the best path towards shaping your product. License Consultancy
Based on our expertise in licensing models, we recommend the best possible license package for you based on your product vision, users base, budget and use cases.

Prototyping on
Based on the high-level product feature set, our certified Salesforce consultants and UI designers will work with you to develop clickable, interactive prototypes of the envisioned product to validate the technical feasibility and gather user feedback from an early stage. App Development with Agility in Process and focus on Innovation
We move into the product development phase with the goal of delivering potentially shippable product increments at the end of each sprint. Our distributed agile practices ensure that we are able to maintain quality of delivery through stringent acceptance criteria and definition of done (DoD) eventually creating a product that is easy-to-use, scalable and provides engaging end user interactions/experiences.

Go Live/Production
We provide continuous support for go live transition. We also manage environmental dependencies and thoroughly test product functionality after deployment on production servers from the Salesforce Sandboxes to ensure a smooth transition.

Support, Training & Documentation
Our certified Salesforce consultants are well-equipped to provide support services for customization and enhancement of existing based applications. We can also assist with your training and documentation related specific needs.