Independent Verification & Validation

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Anblicks offers a complete range of Software Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing Services by maximizing software application quality, performance and availability while managing the costs and risks for our clients and partners.

Anblicks independent Software Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing Services spans the entire software release lifecycle. Anblicks QA services help you deliver your software with confidence and compete better in the market. This includes formulating the test plan & test cases, execution, defect reporting, defect analysis, risk assessments and recommendations.

Anblicks Centre of Excellence (CoE) Team is involved in continuous R&D to identify the best testing strategies of several applications and also bring new methods. Every application requires different verification needs to make it more qualitative. Bugs are inevitable in almost every application and the best way to treat them is to identify those perfectly with the help of professionals. Anblicks team of professional Quality Assurance Engineers who will help you to identify the bugs at early stage and helps you to improve the quality of the product.

Anblicks offers the following QA services –

  • Software Verification & Validation
    • Black Box/Functional Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • End to End Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Configuration/Compatibility Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    • Installation/Integration Testing
    • Security/Vulnerability Testing
    • White Box/Structural Testing
    • Internationalization/Localization Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
    • Load Testing
    • Endurance Testing
    • Spike Testing
    • End to End Transaction Testing
    • Performance Tuning
    • Architectural Benchmarking
    • Capacity Planning
    • 24x7 Monitoring Services
    • Performance Consulting

Functional Testing:

Anblicks proven Functional Testing methodologies will help you to build a great product. Anblicks offers multi-faced functional testing services by utilizing wide range of testing techniques to improve the quality of the product.

We perform the test cases to the deep functional level of the application to identify critical bugs.

Anblicks services includes:

  • Discover & Plan
  • Test Case Creation
  • Test Case Execution
  • Report the results

Regression Testing

Anblicks Regression Testing offers a consistent, reliable and robust testing process that allows companies in reducing the release cycles time. By executing regression testing Anblicks examine a modified application for its functioning. Anblicks ensure the application compliance with the specifications and that the changes made have not created new bugs, if we identify any issues those will immediately reported.

With Anblicks dedicated team of professionals and expertise we support different development cycles and platforms (desktop, web and mobile).


Test Automation:

With the raise in concern for quality and to reduce the production cost is always a tricky point for the management. Anblicks can help you to lower your testing cost and can help you to enter the market faster than normal process with the help of test automation. We automate the test cases which are executed repeatedly. It helps you to reduce the man hours spent on verifying the application for repeated process and the resources can be effectively utilized while optimizing the cost. Anblicks has created internal frame works for test automation which will reduce your execution cycle and helps to attain the best quality.

Anblicks team of experts have years of experience in utilizing several open source and proprietary test automation tools and can help you to get the best out of them as per your requirement.

Performance Testing:

Application performance plays a vital role in user experience about the application. It is best known fact that “First Impression is the Best Impression” and it is applicable to the web application/portals too. If your application/page takes more load time than normal then there is a higher probability of losing your prospect. To make your product/business a successful one you need to focus on the performance of it in different scenarios. Anblicks Performance Testing experts would help you to improve the performance of the application by identifying the bottlenecks and suggestions to overcome those bottlenecks.

Anblicks with its expertise in dealing with applications from multiple industries has developed internal performance test frameworks and can help you in optimizing your testing expenditure. Anblicks use proprietary frameworks while customizing them to suit your requirements.

To know more how Anblicks can improve the quality of your product and fulfill your QA needs write to us