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In the recovery process after the financial crisis, the business landscape for Banks, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Organizations has undergone a massive shift towards regulations, compliance and risk mitigation. The regulations have become stringent across the global markets. Customer needs are also changed with the availability of latest tools like smartphones. Customer experience has emerged to be the real differentiator between the companies in providing the simple and automated systems.

Due to changes in the market dynamics and increasing demand for robust information security and efficient management of price pressures, organizations in BFSI sector are facing critical challenges to sustain their business by providing flexible, cost effective solutions.

Anblicks being specialized software services provider with deep expertise in the BFSI industry has developed several applications to utilize in different service areas which are flexible, automated and cost effective.

Anblicks has developed customized solutions as per client requirements, such as:

  • Mobile Applications: Self Service & Marketing apps, mobile banking apps, loan calculators, location based services
  • Multi-tiered functionality to support thousands of concurrent users
  • High rate of transactions per second
  • Real time and batch processing
  • Secure transactions
  • Strong auditing to troubleshoot customer issues
  • Robust disaster management
  • Comprehensive reporting

Anblicks customized solutions will help BFSI organizations to operate efficiently while optimizing the resources to provide best user experience to your customers.

Advantages of Anblicks - BFSI

  • In-house dedicated domain experts
  • Experts in providing customized solutions to reduce software maintenance & operational costs
  • Agile, reliable, robust solutions with enhanced efficiency
  • Secure, interactive applications generating high levels of user experience

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